The Insulator Store - Glass Insulators


It is with a heavy heart that, after 13 years, we announce the closing of the Insulator Store.

It's been so much fun. We've sold to Hollywood Studios for A-list movies, countless theme parks (yes, those are real insulators on the old fashioned train rides!), Bass Pro Shops, a fabulous renovation project involving an old Bell building that is becoming condos, landscape architects, interior designers, you name it.

But by far, our favorite part has been you. Anyone who has been involved with the hobby for just a bit will tell you, insulator collectors are the best people.

We thank you profusely for that. The Insulator Store remained successful until its last day - it isn't going out of business. That's good news for all of you. The hobby is alive and well. Flourishing, in fact. We hope that you sellers out there can benefit a bit from our overflow. It's just that life gets in the way sometimes and there are things going on with us right now that don't allow us to run this busy site day to day.

The items you have seen on the site will be available for sale in the upcoming days and weeks. Also, we have a large overflow/stock inventory that was not listed but will also be available, pennies on the dollar. The domain name is also for sale. Contact us if you're interested.

Thanks again,

Sandia and Andy